Monday, February 23, 2009

self and spirit

When you hear something what is happening? The molecules in the air are bouncing into each other, they go into your ear and crash into your tympanium. The sound is transduced into electrical impulses which go into storage in your brain. Stimulus to electricity to feeling. There is an I that percieves the change and say's 'I like that'. When someone plays the piano the sounds are registering in your brain that this music is playing, but then... you feel it. When you touch something you sense it, but then the thought happens "that feels nice" There is a you that senses and synthesizes it. Your sense of touch, ear, taste, are not seperate personalities, they are inputs to a single person. You might call that your soul. When you say 'I' you speak of your soul. I would do a more rigerous defense, but meet me half way, you understand what I am saying.

All desires in the physical realm come from things we see and imagine and exist in this world. I eat a cinnamon roll and enjoy it. The next day I imagine having another one because I have already experienced it before. Pleasure exists, we experience, so we imagine it. With God it is the opposite He imagines, and then it exists. So everything we desire is because we imagine it and everything we imagine is something that already exists.

Now there are two parts to a person the material and immaterial. Feelings you cannot touch, emotions, desires are all immaterial. The physical world is obviously material. This is the most obvious of the three points and needs the least explination.

Now we have desires that are immaterial. Firstly, where do those come from, and secondly, why do we have them? Obviously if sound comes via the ear and touch from receptors in the skin, light from the eyes then there has to be some immaterial organ that transduces the imagination into desires. I think this might be our spirit. It is an organ in contact with something large, somethine else, something in the wide universe that it is listening to, and transmitting that to our soul. And unless it is properly tuned, all it will hear is Satan. There are transcendent beings out there that are spirits, and they can surely interact with our spirit, which passes the desires into us. We might call our spirit the 'heart' or the 'will', and it is wholly in the possession of those transcendent beings, be they God or Satan. This is why we have no free will, but free moral agency. It is also why we need a new Spirit by the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
At least that's what I have for now. We will see how this theory comes into focus in the coming days.

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