Thursday, January 8, 2009

human spirit

Faith comes from the spirit, and the spirit of a man is normally dead, unless God raises it up to new life.
And with birth comes growth. The born again believer will be sanctified by the Spirit who justified him, which means a life that bears fruit- good works.
The man is not saved BY good works, or BECAUSE of good works, or WITH good works. Indeed mankind is dreadfully lost, and the gift of faith preceeds repentence, so works cannot be a factor in salvtion. We are not saved or lost by what we do, we are saved by grace, a pronouncement, unmerited favor, sovereign kindness. If it were by works then grace would not be grace.

But we know a man has been regenerated when we see good works. As james says faith without works is dead. This does not mean that unless a christian be working in the soup kitchen they dont believe in Christ, what it does mean is that if there are no good fruit then there is no good tree. Either make the tree good and the fruit will be good, or make the tree bad and get bad fruit out of it. A spirit not pleasing the Lord and hating sin is obviously still unregenerated, not born again, and therefore a dead spirit. An unsanctified man is obviously unregenerated, and anyone unregenerated is spiritually dead. Therefore no sanctification means no live spirit. You might well say that faith apart from works is dead.

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