Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why churches can't teach repentance

Do you wonder what happened to the doctrine of hell? Why nobody preaches damnation of the reprobate? Why churches can't bring themselves to mention or teach on repentence?
I will tell you.
It is because Ariminians think they have to woo people into the building. Give them the good news, comfort them, placate them, never demand they get serious about sins. The reason is that if we take away the stumbling blocks, make the roads straight, more people will join us. Yet Jesus talked about hell 3x more than heaven, showing us how really dreadful it is we do not have the moral courage to preach bad news before good news.
Once we adopt the concept that God saves we are free to warn them honestly again, trusting that God will use the warning to awaken their hearts, and that they will normally reject us anyway. Jesus is the rock of offense, and we are not in the business of flattering men with notions of how good they are. We are in the business of praising soverign God. To God be the glory.

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