Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Problem of Suffering

The argument goes that if God is all powerful and allows suffering then he is a mean God. Has God orchestrated our suffering as well as our glory? Is God in control? A comforting answer is to say God doesn't interfere in the world, he just lets it go where it wills, man is the author of suffering. In this typical worldview man gets the blame for the bad, but God comes out of it as a helpless non soverign old man who wrings his hands from the sky, "Oh I wish I could stop their suffering, but I promised I wouldn't bother them."
Utter nonsense.
Man suffers because man is sinful. While it is true that man does it to himself, God does permit it, uses it, guides it. He is not the author of sin, but he is in control of the universe, and all in the universe.
The wages of sin is death, therefore every sinner at any point in their life deserves death. To not recieve immediate death is wholly gracious of God. Sinners bring suffering on themselves, choose suffering any time they sin, and so earn suffering by being alive. Are you perfect? Then you are suffering. In fact, the only man ever to not sin, who therefore deserved no suffering or death at all, suffered more than anyone could possibly comprehend.
Does your ariminian viewpoint insist that God does not foreordain suffering? Does a child suffering shake your faith in God?
I see your suffering child and raise you a suffering, bleeding, broken man on a Cross who was predestined to die for your sins. By becoming sin and pouring out his life he atones for you, adopts you, declares you to be perfect and righteous.
End discussion.

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