Friday, May 16, 2008

The problem with Rapture Theology

The problem with the dispensationalism mentality is most clearly shown when a dispensationalist encounters verses that say things like the stars will be darkened, the moon will be turned to blood. They ask "what do I think it means?" and then take the easy out, "It sounds like nuclear war, so that's what it must be." without finding similar language in Isaiah 13, 34, Ezekiel 32, and Joel 2, or Peter's explanation in Acts 2.This is an unfortunates bedrock of dispensationalist theology: it too quickly writes off all the difficult passages as futuristic before attempting a real effort to understand them. It makes complex scripture digestible for everyone by throwing out the hard parts that require intense study. It oversimplifies. The rapture people don't bother to check where else that kind of language happens, they don't try to use one verse to explain another, it's just faster to ask what I think it means and then answer the question. As if we come to the bible to study our words.
Studying something written 3,000 years ago across the globe in another language and culture is difficult, and we must suppress the urge to get rich quick, because although the Bible is not easy to understand, it's rewarding.

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amen, husband! :*